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Canvas Memoirs
Canvas Memoirs provides a wide array of effects and options to help you create a one of a kind masterpiece exactly in the way you want it. Below is a description of the standard services we offer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requests.

Special effects

No Effects Black & White BW with Color Isolate sepia.jpg
None Black and white Color Splash Sepia

We offer several photo effects to bring your photos to life on canvas. The color splash option selectively removes color from your picture to help a certain element stand out. Another popular effect we offer is the sepia tone. It offers the classic look of vintage photography by adding a light brownish hue to the picture. This can be a stylish alternative to the standard black and white effect.  

Border options

wrapped-edge.png Mirror Edge Black border White border
Image Wrap Mirror Wrap Solid Color (black) Solid Color (white)

The standard edge effect that we recommend is the "image wrap." This is the classical canvas effect where the main image continues over the sides of the canvas. This effect is more pronounced for the gallery wrap stretching option (1.5" thick).

Another option we offer is the "mirror wrap" where the image stops at the canvas edge and wrapped sides are a reflection on the main image.

We also offer canvases with solid colors for the side borders.

If you need help selecting which border option to choose, please click here.

Stretching Options

rolled-canvas-lg.jpg thin-wrapped-lg.jpg thick-wrapped-lg.jpg  
Rolled canvas Thin stretched (0.75 inch) Thick stretched (1.5 inch)  

We offer several stretching options for your convenience. If you are planning to frame your canvas, we recommend you select the "thin stretched" option. The 0.75" thick stretched canvas will fit into frame shells.  

If you would prefer to hang the canvas on your wall without framing, we recommend the thick stretched option. This is commonly referred to as a "gallery" wrap. The thick canvas wrapping stands out from the wall. The thin wrapped canvas is also suitable for direct mounting, but will not have as large of a visable side. 

We also offer a rolled canvas option. We suggest this option only if you already have wooden stretcher bars and are familiar with how to stretch canvas. 

At our new site Lumaprints, we will be offering a variety of high quality, floating wood frames to go with your canvas! To see the options available, take a look at our Framed Canvas Prints product info page.